Day trip experiences

“Awesome! I love this place, my class will be going every year to experience what an incredible place the woodland can be. Already had massive breakthroughs with children coming out of their shells after literally a few hours here.”

Ollie Cox, The Holt, Skellingthorpe


Get your ‘hands on’ survival, stone age, crafts, and much more.
Bring your class / group for an action packed, adventurous, ‘hands on’ experience where the group can actually take part in all kinds of activities and tasks. From fire lighting to shelter building, animal preparation to awareness games, we provide the setting and expertise to enable your group to get to grips with new ideas and skills.

We are happy to liaise with you in order to create the perfect trip, maybe tweaking an existing package to suit your group or putting together a bespoke day with a completely different theme or scenario that links to your curriculum!


We offer as existing packages ..

STONE AGE DAY – including introduction to the stone age and view/handle the camp and artefacts we have made authentically, shelter building,  fire lighting , prepare your own fish using ‘primitive’ tools, cook fish (eat fish!), demonstrations of hot rock boiling and friction fire lighting, game involving stalking and sensory awareness.. a non-stop amazing trip experience!

WILD THRIVE AND SURVIVE – including shelter building, fire lighting and ‘wild bacon butty!’,  knife use,  primitive weapon target range and a game to finish.. an amazing all round experience day for your class to be inspired by.. team work, social time, confidence building and some quality nature time!

SURVIVAL DAY – including shelter building, fire lighting, water treatment, food prep, cooking,  knife craft.. a bushcraft survival basics day.

CRAFT DAY – from dream catchers to bow drill sets, cordage to ‘primitive’ sewing, or focus on a particular tool use i.e a knife workshop. A craft day is a great learning experience (in some cases can be conducted at your site).

EARLY YEARS / KS1  STICKMAN DAY – based upon the Julia Donaldson story ‘Stickman’ make stick men, cook food for stickman (we get to eat it!), make houses for stickman, and play games.

BESPOKE DAY – We have created several very successful bespoke days such as ‘Explorer’ day (Captain Cook theme – included food, water, shelter from heat, natural medicine), ‘Inventions’ day (fire, shelter, skin clothing process and sewing), ‘Natural Pigments’ day (A class made natural paints to paint their pre-prepared Egyptian atrefacts), Wolf Brother and Wolf Wilder book themed days and more.. bring an idea or theme to us and we shall make it happen!

What a fantastic day was had by all! The forestry experience that Matthew and Maria provided, allowed all children to live, breathe and eat the forest! Watching children of all abilities, working together and creating their own fires was amazing but not quite as amazing as seeing a young girl gut a trout using her bare hands- this was met by pure amazement from her classmates! A day full of memories being made, never to be forgotten!

The forestry experience provided by Matthew and Maria allowed all children (and adults!) to shine. My initial worries about how some children with SEN or behaviour difficulties would get on, were immediately put to rest. These children truly excelled in an environment outside of the classroom. Clear demonstrations and the caring and patient nature of Matthew and Maria, allowed these children to take part in all the activities. Not only did they take part with huge smiles on their faces, their engagement was unfaltering and unlocked some real talents, which unfortunately can’t always be seen in the classroom environment. A superb experience!

A hands on, engaging, exciting and exploratory day into the wonders of the forest! Learning outside of the classroom- it can’t get better than this!

What a great childhood should be full of – fun and adventures in a woodland! Den building, fire making, fish gutting, hide and seek playing and eating around a camp fire – all under the watchful and passionate eyes of Matthew and Maria, ensuring the safety and full experience for all. A must experience for all children.

                                                                                          Hannah Smith, Teacher, Lincoln

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Please note trips take place in all weathers unless it is deemed as unsafe by Wild Woodcraft to do so. In the event of cancellation due to safety concerns, these will be discussed with the individual in charge of the booking. In these rare incidences an alternative date will be scheduled at a time convenient to you or a refund can be offered. It should be noted that these occasions are very rare.
In the event of cancellation by the client the cancellation costs are as follows;
6 weeks prior to a booking a refund of 50% will be offered
4 weeks prior to a booking a refund of 25% will be offered
2 weeks prior to a booking no refund is offered the full amount being due.
We are a very small company and understand that sometimes on rare occasions things occur that mean cancellation is necessary. In some circumstances and where possible we can offer an alternative date to ensure the trips still go ahead and there is no financial loss to the client.