Residential camp outs

A Wild Woodcraft residential camp can be one, two, three or even four nights long.  Themes/ subjects covered can be designed to suit your needs or simply book one of our packages. Tent accommodation is provided, and all courses are fully catered for the whole group including staff . Please discuss any specific dietary requirements with us at the time of booking.




BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL – Learn how to survive in the wild using up to date tools and methods to assist your survival in the woodlands. Learn about the main survival needs including protection from the elements, fire lighting for warmth and cooking, foraging, purification techniques and the use of tools and crafting essential for making the experience more comfortable. There are many levels and depths to each of the experiences dependent on the time required for your camp and the age and ability of students.


STONE AGE HUNTER CAMP – Go back in time for a hands on experience of the stone age. Make hunting weapons and test them on our range.  Use stone age tools and materials for stone age crafts. This informative and practical stone age experience provides your students with a unique adventure never to be forgotten.


SELF ESTEEM/TEAM BUILDING CAMP– Join us for a light hearted camp aimed at building relationships between students and raising self esteem. Students will participate in a range of activities aimed at developing confidence. The outdoors has an amazing effect on most individuals, the buzz of achievement can have a long lasting impact on self esteem which can be taken back to the classroom environment and beyond.

If you’d like to find out more, you can send us an email using our contact form,
or give us a call: 07984 415286