Courses for Adults and Team Building

“Went with the work crew for a team building day and had a ton of fun – We also found out how hard it was to light a fire, and that hide and seek is a lot better in the woods!! I’d definitely go again. The day flew by so fast and it was so much fun that we were all reluctant to leave!”

Rebecca Mclaughlin

“Just had the most fantastic team building day with Matthew and Maria. The whole day was really fun and engaging, we did all sorts from plucking and preparing pheasant and deer (which we ate for lunch!) Fire lighting, whittling and some really competitive games of eagle eye. A truly unique and very educational experience in beautiful surroundings with great people. I definitely want to go back!”

Joe Archer

Why choose a team building event for your company?

The most powerful reason for a team building event is to increase productivity and get results.

It is commonly accepted that a successful team building activity leads to a more comfortable and successful workplace environment for any company large or small.

Our programmes are designed with a focus on colleague collaboration, leading to innovation and creativity. The courses are aimed at bringing people closer together, which in turn leads to people being more relaxed with each other. This produces an increase in  morale, allowing for better conflict resolution.

A Wild Woodcraft corporate event has one main aim. To enhance productivity in the work place through a range of fun, exciting but challenging activities away from the usual working environment. Pursuits which remove everyone from their comfort zones help employees to better understand their own and others strengths and weaknesses, leading to a more trusting and harmonious work force.

There are a number of different day events available or we can develop a bespoke package to meet your company’s needs.


Team Survival Day – Bring your team into the woods for a survival experience day, fire lighting, shelter building, food/water and tool use.

Projectile Weapon Day – Make an on the spot survival bow and arrow or atlatl (primitive spear thrower) with dart. The main focus of the day is production of the weapons. Once they have been produced it’s time to get competitive on the target range! Who will be victorious?

Tribal Warfare Day – Split your group into separate tribes in this bushcraft style game of strategy and skill to outwit your opposing tribes. Win or lose points during the day for demonstrating skill whilst infiltrating enemy territory to capture the treasure. A light hearted game which can become a little competitive!

Advanced Fire Lighting Day – Start with the basics of fire lighting and develop skills during the day to produce a friction fire! (make your own bow drill set to take away with you)

Bespoke Day – Alternatively tell us your interests and we will design a day for you at no extra cost!


Events are located near Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

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